5 cold beverages recipes

5 cold beverages recipes

Have you ever find something more refreshing than lemonade in your summer’s day? The lemonade may feel good going down for me it’s not the best choice for your body in summers. Many popular cold drinks, juice soda, and fancy coffee beverages added with Sugar are most likely in trend during summer days. That is why we are here with 5 cold beverages Recipes .

Have you tried any of the cold beverages recipes yet? If Not then I am here to guide you for the same. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed with any of them. They are quick and easy recipes that can make your summer blasting.

You can enjoy your blasting summer with these amazing 5 cold beverages recipes. I hope you will like them! Do share the honest review with us after trying any of them. These are personally my favorite so I thought to share them with you. Let’s explore together.

1.       Cold Brew Coffee

Enjoying an iced coffee on your summer hot days can be a great idea. How to try them? It is one of the amazing cold beverage recipes that will turn your mood in summers. You can easily make it at home cold-brew and it is amazing for the fitness freaks to make it sugar-free. It cold brew coffee is not only the time saver but also the money saver.


•        Take some ground beans and pour them into the bowl.

•        Cover the bowl with no light and wait for at least 20 hours

•        Filter the wet coffee and blend it again

•        Store it in the container. If your cold-brew is too strong, you can add water or milk in it.

2.       Creamy Avocado-Cucumber Smoothie

This is an amazing lean, green smoothie that keeps your body energized in summers also. It has a refreshing minty flavor. This smoothie is made up of the Cucumber, apple, avocado, spinach, and mint that will help you to boost your energy.

Creamy Avocado-cucumber smoothie

•        Peel the Avocado

•        Grate the Apple

•        Add the grated apple, cucumber, spinach, mint, chilled green tea, avocado halves, white pepper, lemon juice, almond butter, ginger root, and salt to a blender.

•        Blend it on high speed for at least 3 minutes

•        Pour into a pitcher and chill until ready to serve.

3.       Chocolatey Icy Frappé

Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino has so much sugar. Meanwhile, this tasty homemade chocolatey Icy Frappe will turn your mood on this summer. It is made up of dark chocolate and cocoa-spiked frappe packs well-known by the name of flavanols.

Flavanols protect your heart. It has been a supportive production of nitric oxide in the inner cell lining of blood vessels. It helps you to relax and improvises you improve blood flow.

5 cold beverages recipes


•        You need to add coffee, unsweetened coconut milk, dark chocolates, and pure vanilla extract. Blend them until it gets smooth.

•        Pour the drink into the tall glass and add some coconut whipped topping.

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4.       Cucumber Refresher

This wonderfully light and refreshing cucumber drink is fully packed with flavors. Cucumber is rich in vitamin K, it helps you to keep your bones strong and crucial for healing wounds. The cucumber is 95 percent water and thus keeps you hydrated all day.


•        In a glass, add water and cucumber

•        A bit of vodka to make it has an alcoholic drink

•        You can garnish it lime and mint leaves

•        Enjoy!

5.       Pomegranate Iced Tea

This is pomegranate drink is amazing for summers. This tasty iced tea has just 8 grams of natural sugar per serving. Considering unlike most pomegranate-based drinks, this tasty iced tea has just 8 grams of natural sugar per serving.


•        In a cup, mix green tea and pomegranate juice.

•        A fresh mint leaf or lemon slice.

•        In place of green tea, black tea may also be used.

•        Enjoy your summer days!

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That’s all 5 cold beverages recipes I hope you understood the recipe and you will definitely try them out. Don’t forget to tell us which one have you tried. Also, share the article with those you want to enjoy their summer days. These 5 cold beverages recipes can work as wonders to your summers. Do try them out.

Let us know if you have some more interesting recipes for your summer days. Stay tuned with us for more such recipes and find out some more interesting articles!

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