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tips To handle Toddlers

Today we are back with Another Important topic which is 7 Best tips To handle Toddlers, Now a term comes that who are Toddlers or what is the meaning of toddler? Toddler means a Child between the age of 12 months to 36 months .

There is nothing like a perfect parenting and every stage with your child is a learning for you too. So first of all remove that stigma from your head and that over burden stress to be the best and perfect parent. You can not control everything your child is doing. Its his own space of learning. So first of all be calm and have patience.

It has always been the toughest stage in terms of development and growth for both parents as well for children. Most of the changes happen in it and new schemas form in this stage.

This is the actual time where human body is growing most of its mind dimension. Also as a parent, it is very difficult to understand what your child have learnt and more importantly how ? Because this will lead you to the way where you can train your baby. These tiny hands are not easy to handle for anyone.

Now Here i m going to share 7 Best tips To handle Toddlers or Your little child

1. calm Ourselves.

Chill you can not imposed everything you want on this little scientist. He has its own way to learn and explore new mechanisms. So be calm and stop overthinking that you are not a good parent . CALM and PATIENCE are the keys to go easy with this stage of development of your little child

2. Try To Set A Schedule For Them.

Try to Fix time to wake up ,sleep, meal, play ,learn ,etc. etc. This will develop a sense of discipline in them. Also it would be the second step towards setting new targets. once they will start doing everything on the time you have set for them it means your child is ready to learn n mold itself in any other target .

tips To handle Toddlers
A still showing that a mother is playing with her toddler
tips To handle Toddlers

Also this time table could be conveniently set as per your schedule of the day. For example you wont set a time for nap when you need to go to grocery shop. Let that time be a play time .

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3.Decide what to give when

Just choose your battles. You know very well that fighting for tooth brush is good or worthy for your child or not. Yes of course it is. So spending some time on making its your child habit is good.

Another is letting your child watch a video or TV but till when. don’t make it a habit for him . That he/she will eat food only if a video shown to him. It is worth fighting . So you should do extra efforts to involve him in something else.This is one of my Most advisable tip among all Best tips To handle Toddlers.


You have to learn this art. Must needed for toddlers. Distracting them from what they want which is not good for them towards what is good for them. Yeah it is an art because its not that easy specially an 18 month old baby. Because at this stage they gain the power of object permanence.They know the hidden thing is still there but not shown to them.

tips To handle Toddlers
A still showing that 2 little toddlers playing with toys
tips To handle Toddlers

5.Think like a toddler

Remember that time when you where a child but parents don’t understand what are your interests now its your turn. Try understand the interest of your child and make games and activities accordingly so that it becomes easy to distract that tiny creature.

6. Spend Time

The most valuable and important key to handle your mum chickens . Spending time with toddlers will enhance your skill to understand him/her more and as much as you interact with him/her, he/she would also interchange your feelings , emotions and understanding .

tips To handle Toddlers
A still showing in which 2 little toddler picking out mud.
tips To handle Toddlers

7.Be consistent

when children are able to predict what going to happen next they feel more safe. Your continuing practice of above tactics effectively your child would be able to grow more rapidly by health and by mind both ways.

In the end i would like to say only this that do not compare your child with anybody else. Every individual has its own path of development and every individual grow accordingly.

Don’t get pressurized if your child has not started walking like other’s or talking like other’s just do remember one thing nobody could ever be able to love your baby n care for him like you do.

So above i wrote my practically Experienced 7 Best tips To handle Toddlers ,If you have Something more important which you think i should write , then i welcome your thoughts In comment box Below .I wish for your child Better Future and Good health.

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