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7 reasons for skin pigmentation

7 reason for skin pigmentation on face

If you pay less attention to your skin no doubt it will turn to discoloration and darkening. Freckles are sometimes cute, but the larger ones irritate you. Isn’t it? The uneven dark patches make your skin look dull and it won’t glorify your beauty. There are many reasons for the pigmentation and I am introducing just 7 reasons for skin pigmentation on face .

Pigmentation seems normal but trust me they are not. They are caused by many reasons and the main reason can be said as the sun. You might have read many informative articles on pigmentation and you are pretty up to date that how UV rays wreck your skin.

Pigmentation can be a problem when not treated lightly. You might be a person who has never deal with such a problem but making yourself aware won’t harm you. The more you understand your skin, the fewer problems will be faced by you.

Here are 7 reasons for skin pigmentation on face :


Sun exposure is the main and primary cause of skin pigmentation. Unless you live underground but that is not possible! You can escape from your daily routine. Don’t forget that the sun provides the most essential thing to us i.e. Vitamin D that is absorbed throughout the skin and helps in maintaining our cell cycles. This is not to be ignored that sun exposure is the cause of dark spots, and keratosis that causes skin cancer.

There are some of the major areas that are affected by the sun like face, head, and neck. This Reason is One of the most happening reason among all 7 reasons for skin pigmentation on face


Pregnant women who are undergoing massive development changes often manifest themselves in skin tone transformation and the marks of pregnancy are known as Melasma. It’s a hyperpigmentation of the skin categorized in various terms.

One of the reasons is brown epidermal splotches, especially in the facial areas. The changes in pigmentation are though permanent. This is not only limited to women but men can also deal with it.

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The distinct form of the aforementioned disorders causes hyper pigmentation. The diseases that cause patches that appear across your body or face to due damage the pigment-producing cells.

Vitiligo cannot be cured, but the spots can be treated with professional treatments like laser.

4.Scar Tissue

A skinned knee should never be a problem but the persistent and repetitive skin damage can leave a permanent effect on your face that can be affected by hyperpigmentation. We all suffer from them usually like scrap, cut, pimple, or abrasion. These marks can irritate you later. Scar tissue can cause a lack of pigmentation, so the treatment of wounds is vitally important for minimizing skin damage.

5.Addison’s Disease

This disease is the other cause of hyper pigmentation that is categorized by an under-active adrenal gland. This can be a serious health condition that can impair kidney function and dangerously low blood pressure. The development of dark spots and freckles is the major issue caused by this disease. This can be permanent though.


This may give skin a pale hue and make the skin more sensitive to the harmful effects of sunlight than most people. Albinism can undergo a subtle shift when the pigmentation sometimes increases, but other cases result in the melanin production present in the average human body. Just as some ailments can cause changes in the skin.


In addition to sun exposure and skin damage, there are several disorders that can cause changes in the pigmentation of our skin temporarily. Some of the Affliction only affect your skin tone but others are changed by the pigmentation are warning signs of a more insidious health issue.

The skin is the largest organ that needs extra improvement and care.

These are the 7 reasons for skin pigmentation on face. If they are not treated well or in the right way it can cause damage to your skin. So before doing any natural remedy consult your doctor for the pigmentation solution.

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In addition, different skin types have to face different issues so the solution is different. Before it is too late you should be conscious for your pigmented skin and find suitable care to remove the problem from root. Otherwise major treatment will also take time to remove issue of skin pigmentation on face.

Thank you for staying with me. I hope the article helped you in knowing the major 7 reasons for skin pigmentation on the face. If you liked the article, stay tuned with me for more such articles. Moreover, if I forget to mention something then do let me know in the comment. Don’t forget to share the article with your loved ones and make sure that you take care of your skin properly and regularly.

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