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7 ways to lighten dark upper lip

7 ways to lighten dark upper lip

Dark upper lips are a problem for many women, especially to the person who has natural darker skin tones. A dark upper lip refers to the skin above the upper lip, or the upper lip itself. If you are looking for the solution of dark upper lip then you are on the right page to read 7 ways to lighten dark upper lip

. Yes! I will help you with how you can lighten dark upper lip. It is quite weird when you have an attractive face and you have to deal with darker upper lip that seem pathetic on your face.

What Causes Dark Upper Lip?

There’s not a particular reason that causes darker upper lip. It follows you with the different age of part and with the skin tone too. Here are some of the causes for the same:

·        The most common reason that women suffers is hormonal imbalance

·        One of the reasons is melasma, which is the scientific name for hormone-induced hyper-pigmentation on the parts too

·        Smoking is the most common reason which also causes discoloration and pigmentation around your lips area.

·        Waxing or shaving to the upper lip will lead to the formation of a dark patch on it.

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How to Lighten Dark Upper Lip?

1.     Lightening Cream

You can try a lightening cream. Dark skin on the upper lip looks so weird and can be caused by excess melanin in the skin. You can also reduce the dark pigmentation by using the skin lightening cream.

Hydroquinone is a best bleaching product for the dark skin. Therefore, you should speak to your doctor before using this product.

2.     Making a lightening mask

You can buy a mask or make the home remedy for the masks. You can apply the mask for making a lightening mask. You can apply it to the upper lip and can lighten your skin. Take a mask and apply it carefully for a particular time period. You can use these masks 2 to 3 times a week until you see the results.

3.     Exfoliation Treatment

Exfoliation can help to slough off the upper layers of dark, pigmented skin and reveal the lighter skin underneath. You can also use the facial scrub 3-4 times per week. You can use the home-made scrub with sugar and salt. Exfoliation is necessary for your skin.

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4.     Take a break from waxing

Dark skin on the upper lip is mainly caused with aggressive hair removal technique that includes regular waxing. It’s a good idea to take a break from waxing, it will help you to lighten the upper lip dark skin.

5.     Wear sunscreen

One of the reasons for the harmful UV rays is amongst the biggest culprits behind dark and discoloured skin. UV rays are really harmful and causes tanning not only to the upper lip but also to your body. It is considered to be the main culprit behind your discoloured upper lip.

6.     Try some home remedies

There are many home remedies for the discolour upper lip. The home remedies help you to lighten up the skin on the upper lip, most of them work great if applied perfectly. Here are some of the home remedies that might help you in lighten up your upper lip.

·        Almond Oil

It is a great product that works for skin lighting. It equally hydrates and nourishes your skin. Almond Oil also helps in skin rejuvenation. You can take a drop of oil and can gently massage on your upper lip area.

·        Honey and Lime Juice

It is the old and beneficial remedy that lightens up your upper lip. You can mix honey and lime juice together and apply it on the affected area. You will soon see the results.

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7.     Avoid Drinking Tea and Coffee Frequently

Drinking too much tea and coffee can stain the lips, and leave it too dark. You should try drinking it with straw or just avoid it. Drinking too much of tea and coffee is found to be the reason of darker upper lip. Instead, you can try massaging your lips to hydrate them.

These are some interesting ideas that will help you to lighten dark upper lip. If you’re dealing with the same problem then do take the help of any of the remedies. These 7 ways to lighten dark upper lip are amazing to try at home. So what are you waiting for? Won’t you be trying these at your home? Well! I guess you should.

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