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8 different types of Child Care

8 different types of Child Care

It is difficult to find the right type of child care for your son or daughter. There are many service providers who assure you about the right child care routine. When it comes to your children you seriously don’t want to take a risk. So i am here with 8 different types of Child care .

Yes! Every child is precious and turning them in the wrong hands can make a difference not only in their life but also in yours. It is important to check each and everything before sending your child into other hands.

There are majorly three types of child care i.e. home-care, family care, and care centres. We can further divide them into various other segments.

Here I have classified them into 8 different types of child care categories. This will genuinely be helpful to every parent who is finding a better solution for their child.

1.      Mother’s Helper

Mother’s Helper is the child care provider who performs the duty of watch and entertains during the day time when parents are present at home.

The mother’s helper has to perform a duty when parents are near the child. Taking the child for a walk and seeing him/her when parents are busy with their work. You have to be very careful when you are searching for a mother helper for your child.

2.     Babysitter

A babysitter is a person who needs to be hired for an hour to take care of a child. A babysitter can work during a day time or night time. Babysitter has a particular hour for watching your child and helping you in babysitting. They keep your child engaging with development activities. They usually charge for an hour.

The main job of a babysitter is to take care of the child. You can rely on them but you need to be little conscious for your child. Babysitter can be careless time to time so you need to strictly guide them and make to do list for them.

3.     Nanny

Nanny is convenient for parents as she is a home provider. She watches your child according to the number of hours you pay to her. She encourages your baby in development activities. Hiring a nanny can be a tough task , you should have to see her background and have to do some personal inquiry for her work.

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4.     Day Care Center

A daycares centre provides the services for your child to take care of him/her. Centres provide them the more structured learning opportunities to them. This helps them in their mental and social development.

5.     Family Day Care

A family day care centre or it can be said home daycares centre keeps the child and take care of him/her. These are basically other family or you can say someone else’s house. This will make the child feel like his/her home. The child feels more comfortable in that. It does require efforts to choose a good care family.

6.     Relative Care

 Relative care can be aunt, grandparent, or other members whom you are known too. This type of care is beneficial actually as your child is in safe hands. It can even be provided without any cost as the members of your family would likely not be charged anything from you. The care is also at its best and your child rises in the family atmosphere.

7.     Child Care Swap

Child care swap is interesting it involves 2 or more parents to watch each other child at alternating days. These are for free and convenient but it does require clear communication between the parents about the expectations and availability.

8.    Self-Care of Your Child

You have so many options rather you should choose to take care of your child by yourself. You should not depend on others for your child unless and until it is necessary. Manage your time and give time to your child.

No one would actually take care of the child in the way that parents do. So self-care of your child is necessary. They grow in healthy environment and in better care.  Child enjoys the company of their parents most.

My part is over now. It is your turn to choose the best child care out of 8 different types of child care. Read the article peacefully and then make your decision. I have mentioned some of the best child care.


Remember do have a look at the person profiles whom you are handling your child.

It is important! Don’t just rely on them. So which type of child care are you using? Do share it with me in the comment section. The best provider will be near you or you. The person whom you know and who knows you will match your family’s needs and availability.

Let me know in comment, your baby feels comfortable at baby care and you are satisfied with their services

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