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benefits of Exercise

As always i would prefer to explain the meaning of our topic which is amazing benefits of exercise , so first i would like to describe that what is the meaning of Exercise?

Exercise is a type of physical activity that is structured, planned and repetitive for the aim of conditioning any part of body or for whole body. Exercise helps us to stay fit , it improves health also helps in physical rehabilitation .

There are lot of benefits of exercise as per my personal experience,but i would love to share with you the common benefits which are required by all human being to stay healthy, attractive . Regular exercise improves health , reduce stress , makes you emotionally strong , helps your brain to be sharper than normal etc.


If you are a newbie or have any heart, lung disease then there are some precautions which you have to keep in mind before exercising also there are some easy exercise which all can do at home, on ground , running track like slow running, jumping ,bicycling ,stretching etc however if you want to do some weighted strengthening,isometric exercise , this should be done in under trained professional, If some symptoms like nausea, shortness of breath,dizziness and chest pain occurs while exercising
stop the activity and consult a physician about these symptoms before resuming activity.

Now the important benefits of exercise , are as follows :-

1.Reduce stress and feels Happier

While exercising ,our glands(pituitary) generates some hormones like endorphins which helps our brain to feel positive and fight against pain .

It improves mood which results in decrease of stress, anxiety and reduced depression.

Don’t miss to know more and important ways to reduce stress

2. Muscle growth and bone health

benefits of exercise

Regular heavy weight or gradually increased weight exercise under the guidance of instructor, helps us to achieve our body building or muscle growth aim and increases our bone health. it makes us to look attractive and motivates us to stay fit

One more important thing is during muscle growth Clean and healthy diet should be followed .

3. Slows down the ageing process

Benefits of exercise
Amazing Benefits of exercise

According to the National Institute for Ageing, exercise is good for people of any age and can ease symptoms of many chronic conditions.Also regular exercise increase life span and you can’t easily judge person age by their appearance because of their fitness.

4.Increased heart health

Regular exercise makes our heart stronger than normal ,which is a most important muscle in our body who helps make exercise by pumping more blood per beat ,while rest you feel less fatigue and reduced chance of heart attack.

5.Boost weight loss speed

Regular cardio with some weight training and balanced diet helps in loosing extra weight or fat in our body which is a desire of those persons who looks fatty, and over pampered . overweight people have high risk of heart attack , unable to run fast as they want , heavy breathing problem etc , therefore regular exercise and low calorie diet without junk food helps them to loose fat which makes them fit and healthy

6. Reduced risk of chronic Disease

Lack of exercise makes our body lazy and unfit , which reduces our metabolism results in weak immune system due to which our body easily attacked by chronic disease , that is why we need to exercise daily to maintain a healthy metabolism which results in healthy life .

7.Boost Energy and Increased Sleep

While we exercise moderate to vigorous our body uses more oxygen than normal which increase the higher oxygen flow in our blood which increases Energy and we feels energetic .

While exercising our body temperature rises and calorie burns faster which helps us in increased sleep quality .

So above i mentioned some helpful and Amazing Benefits of exercise, which i felt in my life also if you have some more suggestions , you can share you thoughts with us in comment box below , If you found it helpful so don’t forget to share it with those who needs to be motivated to stay fit and healthy .

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