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Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Hey Guys , today i am going to write some Amazing health benefits of Coconut water ,as i want a healthy world , so this is my little effort to provide you best knowledge which i have gathered from years of experience , Now as per topic i first tell you that what is Coconut water? and how its different from Coconut milk?

It is a transparent or clear liquid present in the fruit center which is tapped from young , green coconut . Coconut water is rich of essential electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. it is also called Wonder water and refreshing natural drink, Coconut water is low in Cholesterol and high in zinc.

Coconut milk is an opaque or non transparent, milky-white liquid extracted from the grated pulp of mature coconuts and it has high oil content , high in cholestrol .

Now , i am going to share some of Important benefits of Coconut water below:-

1.boost or Increases Hydration

Coconut water has many essential electrolyte , which has the power to rejuvenate our body . During Summer it acts as Natural Sports drink . Due to sweating in summer of after some workout we lose some essential electrolyte from the body which results in Exhaustion and tiredness .

Health Benefits of Coconut Water
A still Showing when we get tired after a workout session

Consuming around a glass of coconut water (200 ml) gives us enough electrolytes to replenish fluids we have lost and we feel fresh again.

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2.Increases Digestion and refreshes liver

It is Scientifically proven that coconut water is low in calorie and sugar , in comparison of natural and artificial juices .it also helps In weight loss .It also consists of bio-active enzymes that boost digestion and boost fat loss metabolism who are overweight.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water
A still Showing a lady enjoying fresh Coconut water and feeling refreshed

3.High In potassium

As per some research it is proven that Coconut oil has around 10th time more potassium than a normal energy drink and potassium is responsible for restoring electrolyte balance. So you can consume a glass of natural coconut water as Pre workout energy drink and post workout too . That workout could be any of Exercise or Physical work during which we release sweat.

4. Rich In antioxidant

Apart from hydrating benefits of coconut water , it is rich in Antioxidant which help to neutralize oxidative stress and free radicals created by metabolism and exercise.Due to these multiple free radicals, our body enters a state of oxidative stress, which may damage your cells and increase disease risk. That is why Coconut water should be consume on daily basis

5.Balances Blood pressure

Coconut Water Contains potassium, magnesium and vitamin C , the combination helps to lower Down blood pressure or makes blood pressure normal which is good for heart health means human health.

So smart readers i have mentioned Important Health Benefit tips of Coconut Water which should be followed by all human being either he/she fit or ill , because consuming Coconut water daily do not has any side effect but has many health benefits .

Some other health benefit of coconut water are , Helps to prevent kidney stones , help to maintain good calcium level in bones , Increases Skin quality etc.That is why we can call coconut water a Wonder Water too.

If you found this article about Health Benefits of Coconut Water beneficial , then do not forget to Share it with needy or your loved one . I also welcome your suggestion about this article in comment box below . i wish For your good health.

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