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Best Tips To Increase Stamina

Best Tips To Increase Stamina

Hello friends or my Ringapinga family , today we are back with another article which is Best Tips To Increase Stamina , i will only mention and write those tips which will really gonna work , and after following them You will feel better and more Active towards your Physical and mental work .

What is Stamina ? Why we need stamina ? Why we feel low after a heavy workout or Regular work for a long time ? well i will answer all 3 question which comes in mind of every person either they are male or female .

Stamina is defined as the Mental or Physical Energy to perform different type of Physical and mental activity for long time without feeling low and tired .It also lowers down Exhaustion and fatigue level In body

We need stamina to perform different Physical and mental task optimally like a Physical workout in gym , 8-12 hours of continue work in office makes us Energy Deficient ,just to overcome this we need to have Good Stamina .That is why you must need my Best Tips To Increase Stamina.

There are some ways to Increase our Stamina naturally , we can Achieve it From mental and Physical Exercises and Foods which includes balanced diet with Enough Protein .

Best Tips To Increase Stamina Are As Follows

1.Consume balanced diet

It is the diet which Consist of Proper Proportions of carbohydrates , Protein , Fiber Other Nutrients and Water.

If you are in Fitness Industry , then Might you know properly about balanced Diet and ratio of Protein , carbs etc.

Best Tips To Increase Stamina
A still Showing balanced Diet Foods
Best Tips To Increase Stamina

If you do not know about what to Consume To increase your stamina , then i have some foods which can help you to Increase your Stamina .

Start your breakfast With a protein shake which includes 2 banana and some Dry fruits with this you can have 2 water rinsed Figs with an ounce of water soaked black gram . In your shake or smoothie you can add 1 Spoon of Peanut better , make a habit of this healthy Breakfast .

During lunch of your hours or after workout you can have brown Rice , omelette with your Home Made green Vegetables , also you have to add salad With this .

In evening if you get some time try to have a Glass of juice or you can have some fruit like pomegranate, Kiwi fruit ,watermelon in summer etc.

In dinner you can Have Fish , Chicken Meals if you are Non-veg or you can have Milk made products a, Soybean foods , mushroom and some green leafy vegetables.

As i am in fitness too so above i mentioned just a sample meal to build up stamina.

2. Try Physical Workouts

Gym or home Workouts is the best Way to keep yourself healthy and Fit .There are Many Physical Workouts which you need To perform to increase your stamina and strength

If you Have time For gym , So you have to perform some stamina Building Exercise which are Weighted Squats at-least 3 times a week , Sprint for 5-10 minutes on trade mill , Weighted Bench Press and Perform Cardio Exercises . Slowly and gradually You can see the change in you stamina.

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If You Do not have the Time For gym , So you have find our at least 20-30 minutes for yourself at home before You day’s First meal or after 3 hours of meal , at home you can perform Yoga and Pranayama this will build your mental and Physical Stamina, also you can add 50 squats start with 10 and slowly increase , 50 Push-Ups and some Jumping .

Best Tips To Increase Stamina
A Still showing Weighted Squat position

During weekends you can Go for a run and walk to your nearby park or roads.This is one of my favorite tip among my Best Tips To Increase Stamina.

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3. Have adequate Sleep

while we work for whole day , our body and mind gets discharge and we know we are not a robotic machine , with fuel to work our body needs a good rest for recovery as well

Best Tips To Increase Stamina
A till showing Deep Sleep
Best Tips To Increase Stamina

Try to avoid Stress and give your body minimum 6-8 hours of good sleep. A good sleep will help you to start your another day with refreshing mind and body , which result in your longer performance of any task with accuracy.

4. Avoid Over consumption of Alcohol

We all knows that Over Consumption of alcohol is harmful for our body health and Stamina , some Studies has shown that limited amount of Consumption Don’t harm our stamina and body .So we have to keep our eye on count how much we Consume , as per some research 10-30 Ml of Alcohol during weekends Do not harms our health.

Long-term alcohol use diminishes protein synthesis, leading to a decrease in muscle growth. Even short-term alcohol use can affect your muscles.

After alcohol is absorbed through your stomach and little intestine and moves into your cells, it can derange the water balance in your body. This imbalance of water in your muscle cells can hamper their ability to supply ATP (ATP), which is that the essential fuel for all cells, including those in our muscles. a discount in your body’s ATP may result during a lack of energy and loss of endurance.

5. Avoid Smoking and Passive smoking

As per World Smokers data 80% people smokes or Do passive Smoking Which counts around 1.1 Billion . This is a huge Number i must say .We know that smoking also causes lung cancer and no one want a death by cancer .So why we smoke, either it has so many consequences on our body.

Smoking habit is a big reason of Lung disease because smoking increases CO2(carbon dioxide and Monoxide ) level in lungs and decreases the Oxygen level and Low oxygen levels causes low ATP production which directly proportional to Low stamina. So Avoiding smoking help you to build your Stamina.

I know This could be your habit , but i advice you to Quit smoking for you and your family.

IF you really like my above Best Tips To Increase Stamina , then don’t forget to share them with those Who you think needs above tips and if you have something which can make this article more helpful , then i really welcome your thoughts in comment box Below . I Wish For your Good health.

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