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Child care at Home

Child care at home implies that someone takes care of your child in the family home. You can work part-time or full-time, depending on the family’s hourly needs. The child will not have to move and her/him care will take place in a familiar environment known to her/him.

Why do some families choose child care at home?

Several benefits make child care best for some families:

  • Schedule flexibility: When the parents’ working hours are not compatible with those of a nursery or nursery school, the flexible hours offered by childcare at home are a great advantage over other options. It is a good solution to avoid the difficulties of conciliation.
  • Baby safety by staying in the same environment: Some families prefer this option since continuing in the family home can provide more security for the baby. Parents believe that if the child remains at home, he/she will feel more protected.
  • A cheaper option if parents have multiple children: When parents have more than one child, childcare at home can be cheaper than a daycare or nursery school. A single service is paid, regardless of the number of children, unlike other child care options where payment is made for each child.
Child care at Home
A Still of a Granny with a Child
Child care at Home

Tips for child care at home

Check the references of the child caregiver. It is essential to ask for a letter of recommendation, for working life and to call families with whom the person who will take care of our children has already worked. How to choose the best nanny always goes through an exhaustive selection process?

  • Ask for the degree:  If the babysitter or babysitter has studies related to child care, it is worth asking for the degree. Likewise, if you have taken a course that proves your training, you should request the corresponding certificates or diplomas.
  • Request the criminal record certificate: It can be requested at the territorial offices of the Ministry of Justice. This document provides information on the absence of antecedents or the existence of the same. On the other hand, since March 2016, it is mandatory to work in child care to have the Certificate of Crimes of a Sexual Nature that can be requested online.
  • Communicate everything about child care: It is essential to transfer to the babysitter or babysitter the specific care that children need: type of diet, discipline, sleep schedules, daily routines that they have to carry out. In short, any important information to care for and educate your child in your absence.

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Options for child care at home

Like a babysitter for hours, a babysitter will come to your home to stay in the care of your children in your absence. Their service is usually used on weekends, nights when you and your partner have planned an outing or occasional evenings in which some unforeseen event arises.

Child care at Home
A still of a baby sitter with Children
Child care at Home

An hourly babysitter is an ideal option for parents whose work hours do not allow them to pick up their children from school. The babysitter will be able to pick up your child from the school, give him a snack, and even help him with his homework.

No specific qualification is required for babysitting. Although babysitters for children are usually student babysitters or university babysitters, it is advisable to look for a nanny but always have a clear vocation for childcare. Asking the right questions, in an interview with a nanny with the different candidates, will give you more information.

As with an hourly babysitter, the babysitter at home will prevent your child from leaving his environment, so the separation anxiety from mother to child will be less. On the other hand, babysitters can be hired part-time or full-time, depending on the hours of the father or mother.

Depending on the needs of your family, you should agree on the type of tasks for a babysitter:

  • Encourage the child’s psychomotor development by acquiring skills during childhood. The stimulation of the baby should be done through games and activities that take into account her gross and fine motor skills.
  • Ensure the safety of the child.
  • Prepare the food, feed it, and get it to gain autonomy little by little.
  • In case of taking care of a baby, change the diapers. As the child grows, assist in diaper removal if the family is trying various techniques to teach him to go to the bathroom by himself.
  • Dress the child or help him if necessary. It is also important to teach him how to be autonomous: to learn how to button up, tie shoelaces …
  • Take the child to the park to play whenever the weather permits. Outdoor outings are essential, as well as contact with other children in a playroom.
  • Perform household chores provided there has been a prior agreement: ironing, cleaning, making beds, tidying up the house, or shopping.
  • Take care of the child if he is sick. Parents must explain to the babysitter the medication to be administered and in what doses.

If your child has a physical or intellectual disability, we recommend that you read our article on child care at home with special needs. Nanny duties in these cases require further education and professional training.

In the case of having several children, hiring a babysitter at home is cheaper than a daycare or nursery school. If you have only one child, the babysitting hour price may be more expensive than other options. This is a factor to consider when deciding which type of childcare best suits your family.

As an alternative, there is the option of a shared babysitter. Two families contract the services of the same babysitter for their children, this option can save up to 50% in the caregiver’s salary. This new trend of success in other European countries is included within the so-called collaborative economy.

The nanny sharing formula offers an effective and economical solution for many families in the USA. One in three American families would be willing to pay a higher amount to their babysitter if they could share the expenses with another family.

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