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How to be self Motivated

Hey Guys today we have a very interesting topic to discuss, which is How to be self Motivated. So i have some best and practical tips for you , i have implemented on me to follow my dreams and achieving them with zeal .First we all would like to know the meaning of the Word “Motivation”,. Motivation has different meaning for different people as per their personal life experiences but here i will write the best and easy meaning of Motivation.

As per me Motivation is a desire which kicks you to work for your life goals, dream,job and work By your own will or due to some internal or external factors.

For example if you have a job in a company , there your performance is average since many years , you work what you get in the form of salary but company expects more from you so they offer you some Hike in salary and incentives, after this your performance hikes by 60 percent.

Here your motivation was your salary hike and incentives which gave a desire to perform better than average so salary and incentives we external factors and your will to perform was internal factor , because you knew that now you have more responsibility to prove that you are an asset for the company.

Now sometimes due to many factors we feel low, demotivated which results in failure, less output, breaking people or company trust on you . These factors makes you think negative and doubtful . So to improve your version i am going to share some tips which give the perfect how to be self motivated.

1.Find a Guru or a Skilled person

How to be self Motivated
A still of motivator speaker Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari
how to be motivated

There is a line in Hindi in India which is “Guru Bina Gati Nahi” which means without a Coach or guru , you can’t get what you want to achieve in life only a mentor or coach can answer your all questions and show you the path of success . A coach could be your parents, your school teacher, Public Motivator, any spiritual guru or anyone who you follow by heart .

As an example you want to be a cricketer in life , but to be a sportsman you need a coach who can motivate you to be hard working and teaches you to believe in yourself , he gives you skills, tells you how you can overcome your fear and weakness.

2. Surround yourself with positive and successful people

What happens sometimes , we choose a wrong path in life to get anything or to perform any task , we look for shortcuts we don’t want to work hard like we want to achieve something or want to perform a task without coming out of our comfort zone because we are in touch with those persons who never succeed self , never achieved anything they always trolls people and complain for other

So if you really want to self motivated you should surround yourself with those who are successful and always remain positive , encourages you to be motivated help you to stair up never pull you leg behind like negative people .

3.Always be a learner

There is no age baar of learning anything , we should learn from our mistakes and other mistakes . how that person become demotivated? find out those factors and remove them from your life too .

To be a sharp learner you should have a focused mind , so learn here how to increase Concentration with easy tips

4. Read books and biographies

How to be self Motivated
A still of Dr. Apj Abdul Kalaam
How to be self Motivated

Whenever you have time , read motivation books like You CAN Win etc , which tells us the factors of self motivation also read successfull people biographies who went from 0 to millions , billions or become popular by their work for Society . This will tell you that How to be self Motivated. You can read biographies of late Indian former president doctor APJ ABDUL KALAM or worlds popular social activist Mother Teresa.

5.Try to be positive

What is positivity ? Positivity is the experience of pleasant emotions.  Some of them are: joy, hope, , serenity, pride, amusement,gratitude, interest, love and inspiration. Every matter or expect of life has two sides one is positive and other is negative so try to look for positive if you look for positive then it increase trust and hope which are the the factors of self motivation.

6.Never feel satisfied from your goals

Let suppose you have a goal and you have achieved that goal which gave you a feeling of satisfaction, this satisfaction has stopped you to think more or to plan something bigger than that previous goal so if you are at verge of a goal to achieve than plan for next goal which results in self motivation and this is a sign of a successful person .

7. Help society or help other

There is a saying “Helping others actually helps yourself” and its true . If you have achieved something in your life and you have some good ideas for the benefit of other people or for their better life , share you thoughts and ideas with other and after that if the got motivated this will make you motivated and gives a feel that you have done something for society .

8.Set goals and track them

Some small drops of a fluid fills a complete pot , means amny small efforts with har and smart work forms a bigger goal .Always set some goals in your life , grow slowly and gradually there is nothing in the world comes for free once you achieve a goal look for another then another and set a inspiration for others .

So guys Above i have shared some best tips , after reading them i hope you can learn that How to be self Motivated. I Must advice without a motivator you cannot motivate yourself , so as per my Point 1 you will know the importance also i must say follow your dreams , set goals start it from today if you haven’t think yet . Don’t be a thinker be a Doer .

If you have something more in mind that helps other for self motivation ,write them in comment box below , I would welcome your thoughts by heart.

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