How to make a Dalgona Coffee at Home|Easy Recipe

How to make a Dalgona Coffee at Home

A yummy or deliciously self-indulgent is taking social media by typhoon with amazing nutty flavor with fluffy caramel whipped top. This yummy coffee also known as whipped coffee, you can consume it any time of the day, and can be made at home very easily, so now you would like to know that how to make Dalgona coffee at home


Dalgona coffee was first invented in South korea or we can say it is a cuisine of South Korea and it is a type of beverage or drink made by flogging equal quantity of Sugar, Instant Coffee and hot water until it becomes creamy and lastly adding it to cold milk with Ice.

Sometimes, it is topped with Cocoa and coffee powder. It is not recommended to make this Coffee from Ground coffee beans, that’s why we use instant coffee because it creates the dense and foamy topping, which makes this Coffee perfect in appearance and taste.

Ingredients to make Dalgona Coffee are:-

  • Hot water
  • Ice
  • Milk
  • Instant coffee powder
  • Sugar

Time Required: About 10 minutes

Step 1. Mix the initial Ingredients

Now take a bowl and add 1 tablespoon coffee powder, 1 tablespoon sugar, 10 ML hot water

how to make a dalgona coffee at home
how to make a dalgona coffee at home

Step 2. Whip The mixture

Now uses a whisk to stir or whip the ingredient for 20-25 minutes or you can use an electric mixture and set it to a low whip and using it whip the mixture for around 3-5 minutes.

Dalgona Coffee step 2?

Step 3. Continue the whipping process

As you keep whipping it, the mixture will begin to turn a lighter color and become less dense or thick and after a little time fluffy whipped cream texture will appear

Dalgona Coffee step 3?

Step 4 More Whipping To achieve final Color

Now Once the mixture has reached little dense and frothy consistency and golden brown color appears it means the mixture is ready.

How to make a Dalgona yummy Coffee step 4?

Step5. Final Step means assembling Step

Now pour 1 glass of milk with ice cubes over it Using a spatula, gently scoop the whipped topping of coffee mixture on top of the milk. You can Sprinkle with cinnamon or coffee powder as per your need (optional)

Dalgona Coffee step 5?
Video which explains that how to make a this coffee at home in easy way

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So guys above me Explained that how you can make Dalgona Coffee at Home, which trending on social Media. If you have any question in mind you can ask me in the comment box below. I hope you liked this article

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